Bachelor Of Fine Arts (BFA)

Program Overview

Art stands at the intersection of culture, politics, religion and philosophy, making it an ideal vantage point from which to understand the liberal arts and the world at large. Underwood University’s Department of Art offers students two tracks for studio art study: Painting or Ceramics. Both concentrations foster rigorous, critical investigation through active processes of learning in which students connect historical discourse with an engagement of art from multiple contemporary perspectives. The senior year capstone experience allows studio majors to pursue intensive, original research in their respective concentrations. All students take foundation studio courses, and then choose a major studio concentration in Painting or Ceramics.

Program Objectives

The objective of the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree program is to

1. provide courses that develop aesthetic appreciation of art throughout history and understanding of cultures across the world;

2. refine students’ technical skills, with materials, techniques, and equipment specific to the production of their art;

3. develop positive and constructive response to criticism through in-class discussion and critique;

4. hone the professional skills needed by students to promote creative research and advance within their chosen careers.

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